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BEEF: 100% grass fed including organ meats and specialty cuts

The reason behind the mixed packages of healthy meat   

Most farmers that sell to the public are small in size and can only produce so much before they are out of stock.  A grass fed cow will take up to 36 months ( the grain fed cow one year to 15 months ) to mature and yet we have to harvest these animals before 30 months in this country.

These animals in their natural form and eating what they suppose to eat only grow to approximately 1000 lbs….not 1500 to 2000 the grain fed cow grows too.

Out of the 1000 lb animal comes approximately  300 to 350 lbs of meat of which 35 to 40% is ground meat …hence the mix boxes. These boxes  allows  me the farmer  to have enough flexibility so I can sell the whole animal. This also applies to pigs, lambs, and chicken parts.

A typical  cow would produce only so many steaks and so many roasts and lots of ground meat. If the consumer begins to be selective in the choice of meat, then the farmer will sell out all the popular  cuts and have  lots of the not so popular cuts of meat  left over.

Depending on the current cycle I the farmer might be able to vary the cuts slightly to please my customer base.


Meat Cuts, Organs and Single Food Products

NEW You can now order your individual meat cuts and create your own box.  Minimum order of 25lbs to get your order with shipping and packaging included. 

Hanger Steak - $23.82
Beef Fat - $10.64 (OUT OF STOCK)
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