A healthier choice

If you’re a beef lover, you appreciate the taste of a good piece of PREMIUM beef. But if you’ve only experienced the choice or even Prime cuts that many steakhouses or supermarkets provide you may be surprised at how much you’re missing out on. 

Nature's Diet

From the earliest days and weeks of a calves' life, they are taught by their mother to eat almost anything green. Under the watchful eye of grassland manager Farmer Jim, 100% Grass fed animals continue to eat a wide variety of grasses, sedges, rushes, shrubs, and herbs, each with its own nutrient profile – as nature intended.

However, in most factory farms who supply the choice or prime cuts for supermarkets or the majority of steakhouses, their animals are swiftly moved over to a more concentrated mix called “slurry” that could include a number of ingredients such as corn, soy, grains and other supplements which at first glance seem reasonable. However, this diet also contains other by-products, hormones and antibiotics to help fatten the animal.

Some modified diets include beet and citrus pulp, peanut shells and other ingredients that contain a high sugar content – all designed to promote rapid weight gain and produce inexpensive meat that has a high marbled fat content with lower nutritionally value. In fact, most of the “growth spurt” formulas used in North America can produce a cow that can be slaughtered much earlier than an animal that grows in natural, 100% grass fed environment. 

The grass-fed cow eats naturally from a pasture and does not have a modified diet to support rapid weight gain. As a result, mother nature’s formula for great tasting, 100% grass fed beef is better:


Choose what you eat carefully  

The price difference is one of the main differences that consumers will notice when comparing grain and 100% grass fed beef. Supermarkets and local butchers may not offer the alternative since most grass fed beef producers concentrate on quality instead of quantity. However, just like a fine wine, cheese or other food that is sought after and appreciated throughout the world, 100% grass fed beef is so radically different that the taste and health benefits are significant.

Fortunately, at Farmer Jim’s you have the opportunity to purchase the finest, most nutritious beef at excellent prices – direct from the farm. At your dinner table, you too can be the world class chef who serves a dark, lean, taste-filled and tender cut of the highest grade, grass fed meat available.

Remember! If you care about what you’re eating, you should care about what your food was eating. 

Omega 3 Fatty Acids - grass fed and heart friendly

Grass fed beef has many well known health benefits. Many experts have praised producers like Farmer Jim for promoting the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids which are three to four times higher in our beef compared to the grain fed alternative.

Omega-3 plays a vital role in our health. It is the type of essential fat that is the most ‘heart friendly” and has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer. In some animal studies, these fats have slowed the overall growth and development of cancer and its ability to spread throughout the body.

Meat that is produced in factory farms, where the diet is manufactured for quick growth and turnaround has considerably lower quantities of Omega-3. Studies have shown that the longer the animal is fed on the grain based diet, the lower the concentration of these good fats.

On Farmer Jim’s farm, we concentrate on a 100% grass fed diet, longer live cycles and strict program of stress free and healthy lifestyle for our animals. Our animals are born and raised outside on our pastures- where mother nature intended.

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