Know the Facts about grass fed beef

Find out more information on some of the common comparisons between quality, naturally produced 100% grass fed beef and the alternatives.

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100% Grass Fed vs. Grain Fed Beef

  A nutritional look at the differences

For over three decades, researchers and nutritionists have found that 100% grass fed beef is lower in saturated fat and higher in all of the “good fats” and other important nutrients than meat produced in feedlot environments. Not only is 100% grass fed beef not exposed to pesticides, hormones or chemicals of any type, compared to the alternative it also contains:

100% Grass Finished vs. "Grass Fed" Beef

There is some confusion about the difference between 100% grass finished animals and so-called "grass fed" beef. 

An animal that is 100% grass fed lives it’s life in peace and tranquility eating the diet that Mother Nature Intended. This is also referred to as grass finished, meaning that the cow lives all of it's life eating grass. This best describes a cow who lives on Farmer Jim's  farm.

However, many factory farms falsely identify their meat as "grass fed" even though the animal has only eaten grass for a very small portion of it's life when it was very young. In these cases, an animal would live the majority of it's life penned up in a barnyard and fed a manufactured diet designed to fatten them quickly regardless of health effects and decreased nutritional value of the end product.

Consumers who understand the difference ask the important question - “Does the animal feed on grass 100% of it's life?”

The difference in quality is so drastically different between the two, that it is imperative that consumers begin to demand that producers differentiate between the two terms in an effort to regain their reputation as honest, truthful and forthright farmers in our community.

100% grass Fed vs. Organic - timing is essential

Many consumers who are familiar with “organically grown” beef are now considering 100% grass fed beef. Grown properly, 100% grass fed beef is NEVER tough, gamey or unpleasant to eat.

Many farmers who support grain finishing attempt to 100% grass feed their animals in the same time frame that they would with grain to cut costs and get their animals to slaughter for a quick turnaround. This is especially important in Canada and in colder climates, since it is more expensive to care for livestock during the winter. At only 16-17 months of age, 100% grass fed cattle are not ready for slaughter, like they most certainly would be if grain fed throughout their lives. The result is meat that is tough and unpleasant to eat – the kind that makes you tired when finished.

At Farmer Jim’s, we raise our animals through two full winters, and take the extra time necessary to produce the finest grade of beef available today. Our beef is lean, tender and filled with flavour – not to mention a high nutritional content.  Looking for organically grown beef – look no further that Farmer Jim’s 100% grass fed beef for your table.

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