A5. Quarter Cow (81 Pounds)

This Package saves you 14% from purchasing the items seperately!  You don't have to pay for hanging weight and waste, instead you get quality cuts from both the front and the hind and there is no waiting as the items to fill your order are in stock every week.  FREE Shipping and Packaging.

The grass fed Quarter Cow includes:



ground beef, steaks, roasts, stewing beef, sausages and ribs. Its a great value that gives you all the beef standards to fill your freezer!

A grass fed cow could take up to 3 years to mature before harvesting. As compared to 1 to 1.5 years for grain fed cows. Cows in their natural form, eating what they supposed to eat (which is anything that is green) will only grow to approximately 1000 lbs, not the 1500+ pounds a grain fed cow will grow too.

Out of the 1000 lb grass-fed cow comes approximately 300 to 350 lbs of meat, of which 35 to 40% is ground. When you buy by the hanging weight you pay for lots of waste that you do not use. Here I offer the following:

81 pounds of healthy and delicious grass fed beef shipped in 3 boxes.  If you want to save on grass fed beef here's an opportunity to get together with your neighbours or friends and divide the 81 pounds into three  27 lb boxes 




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