Welcome to Farmer Jim’s Grass fed Beef and Pasture Pork Ontario!

July 22, 2020
Welcome to Farmer Jim’s Grass fed Beef and Pasture Pork Ontario!

Farmer Jim is a local farmer who operates his grass-fed meat farm in Durham, Ontario. Originally he started off with just the homestead, the farm where he resides, but as it flourished he required more land for his animals to graze.  Over time he acquired 300 acres of farm land. Each farm specialises in raising different animals the healthy way. However at Farmer Jim’s homestead you can find a selection of all the different animals and he invites you to visit and check them out!

Grass-fed and what it really means

We’ve all heard the saying: “You are what you eat” and here at Farmer Jim’s this is taken very seriously. It’s important that his animals be fed the very best and according to what nature intended. So when you hear grass-fed meat, it means exactly that. All his ruminantry animals (such as cows/ sheep which have a 4 compartment stomach) eat only what is green. As free range animals they graze on grass, vines and forbes. Farmer Jim (at great expense) also offers them kelp as a supplement as it contains over 40 vitamins and minerals. No grains for these guys!

According to Farmer Jim, it is because of this diet that results in a healthier, leaner and natural flavoured meat. It’s important to recognize that while this is what natural beef tastes like, most of us are accustomed to the mass produced grain fed animal flavour.  Grain-fed cows will gain up to 1600lbs in one year but Farmer Jim’s cows will only grow to 1000 lbs in 3 years. This is the normal growth of the rudement animal when eating what it supposed to eat. .

So next time you’re looking to make those burgers or steaks this summer, make sure you make it Farmer Jim’s Grass-fed meats!

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