B1 Build your own Box - 5 lbs - STEAKS (Grass Fed)

5 Lb pack for the Apartment & Condo Dwellers with Fridge Freezers only...... you can also build your own 20 to 30lb box of your favorite Steaks. must be a minium of 2 types...not all the same cut.

Approx. 5 Lbs of Grass Fed Steaks.... including Freight and packaging delivered to your door   Send me an EMAIL of steaks you would like when purchasing this order.

(cut to 1 1/4" thick -  any combination of Sirloin, Sirloin Tip, Flank, Round, NY Strip, T-Bone, Rib eyes, Tenderloin, Skirt )

New Free Shipping and Packaging on 20 lbs or more!

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