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Ready To Eat Meals



When life gets busy, it helps to have a make-ahead meal (or two!) in the fridge or freezer that you can quickly heat and eat without much trouble. My requirements? It should be exceptionally healthy and tasty, not take too long to prepare, and fill you up when you need it most.

West Coast Catering is a passionate grab-and-go specialty food shop & catering service located in beautiful Bruce and Huron County. It is the brainchild of Alexandre Lussier, who at the age of 17 ..ran his first French Cuisine Restaurant in downtown Montreal. These pre-cooked meals offered here are second to none and Alexandre has made them with my Grass Fed beef. So If you want to spend a little less time in the kitchen, here are some delicious and insanely easy to heat and eat prepared and healthy meals.

Imagine having a prepared meal with Farmer Jim's healthy Grass Fed Beef all made locally by Artisan type chefs... Check the amount of Grass Fed beef in each dish against the price of beef and you will see it is really good value with exceptional taste.

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