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CHICKEN: Free Range Chicken Rich in Omega 3

Free Range Chickens from 3 to 4 pounds with healthy balances of Omega-6's to Omega-3 fatty acids. My chickens are raised beyond Organic which means all natural, no corn, no soybeans, non-GMO, gluten free, no sugar, no added hormones, no antibiotics,  high in Omega-3, free range, pasture raised, cage free and humanely raised.

What actually makes my meats the healthiest meats you can buy and sets them apart from all others is that they are zero glycemic, nutrient dense and diverse with healthy balances of Omega-6's to Omega-3 fatty acids.

COOKING TIPS: Cooking Free Range Chickens will require a different technique in order to ensure you do not end up with tough meat. You use a much lower temperature, or you have to brine the bird overnight. These chickens are leaner because they get lots of exercise and they are never given antibiotics, drugs or medicated feed. Their feed is a special blend with no Corn or Soybean but rather Peas and Flax.  I will send you some cooking tips with this order.

Meat Cuts, Organs and Single Food Products

NEW You can now order your individual meat cuts and create your own box.  Minimum order of 25lbs to get your order with shipping and packaging included. 

Chicken Heart - $7.32 (OUT OF STOCK)
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