Here are some of the things that my customers are saying...

    Hi there Barbara and Jim,

    The beef I received is fantastic. I will definitely leave a recommendation. I was really impressed with how fresh it actually was. I know this meat was frozen right away. Really, bravo on that. I took some T-bone steaks out last Thursday night and put them in the fridge to thaw, and we were too busy as the days went by to use them or people kept bringing food over or going to family for xmas festivities so it wasn’t until Monday morning that I actually cooked them. They were still bright red and beautiful, no brown, no off-smells. Completely fresh still and we eat our meat raw or blue so after a quick high sear, these tasted amazing. I couldn’t believe it. And the bones are still fresh enough to roast for making broth tomorrow. That is NOT possible with grocery store meat, even expensive meats from those other places like Rowe or Cumbraes etc. I worked at rowe farms for a year and the meats weren’t that fresh.
    Christina - January 4 2024
    Only tried the Meatloaf already prepared, just heat it up and WOW was pleasantly surprised at how good it was.

    Jim you are spot on, these meals are very good and i am a picky eater but will get more of these.
    - March 27 2023
    Thank you for taking such good care of your customers and asking for feedback.

    My experience has been very positive so far. Ordering meat via farmer Jim was my first online experience. I really wanted to increase the quality of the meat I am buying, from "only organic" from the store to "100% grass fed beef / pasture raised - omega 3 rich poultry". And I found that quality with farmer Jim! The meat is really tasty, not fat, and I love that you have a wide selection of cuts.

    Also a good positive side is how easy the process is. At first, it feels like it's going take effort to select your product, order etc.. But now, I no longer have to spend time in grocery stores and buy other things I don't need 😅.

    The ordering process is easy. The website is user-friendly. The packaging keeps the meat well frozen, even when I can't pickup the package right away after delivery.

    I will definitely keep ordering through your services, and I will keep recommending you to my friends, until they change their habits of going to the grocery store!

    Thank you for keeping us happy and healthy!
    Camille - March 20 2023
    I have been eating the beef, chicken, turkey and eggs from Farmer Jim’s Farm for about six months now. First of all, the taste and texture is fantastic. The beef is tender, the turkey is moist, and until I tried this, I had forgotten that chicken can actually have a rich flavour!

    Yes, meat is delicious and an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and complete protein, but for me consuming meat is not only a choice but a medical necessity. I found Farmer Jim because I have severe allergies to a multitude of foods. Since my diet is so restricted, I must eat meat, but I could not find any that wasn't making me sicker (I react to animal feeds and processing). Farmer Jim's is the only safe-for-me meat I’ve been able to tolerate.

    The beef is not only grass-fed but ALSO grass-finished (my airway starts to close whenever beef is only grass-fed but grain-finished), so this beef is the real deal. The poultry is fed a diet that doesn’t make me feel ill, and after years of going without, I'm so happy to have finally found eggs that I can eat without a dangerous reaction. Everyone's allergies are a bit different so trial wisely for yourselves, but I am relieved to have found a source that works for me.

    I am immensely grateful to the team at Farmer Jim's for being communicative with their farming practices, giving their animals a variety of quality feed, and helping me to access safe nutrition. Transparency in our food sources is not always made accessible to the consumer, so when it is, it’s something that inspires loyalty in me, and makes me want to help that company continue to thrive.

    I have enormous respect and gratitude for the animals that enable my survival. It is of utmost importance to me that they are treated with respect and given opportunities for joy, movement, and community while they are alive. I wanted to see for myself the conditions the animals live in, and visiting the farm assured me that the farmers align with my values. The animals graze in fields with their herds and flocks, with access to areas of sun, shade, and shelter. They are protected from wild predators, and they are able to play. They looked healthy, sociable, and well taken care of.

    I hope that Farmer Jim, his family and team continue their farm for many years, and I want to thank them for the way they conduct their business. For any human who consumes meat, eating quality cuts from animals that were ethically raised and humanely slaughtered is a healthy choice. For humans like me who also have severe dietary challenges, farms like this can literally be life-saving. A huge thank you to the farmers and the animals!

    I highly recommend Farmer Jim’s farm. Please give them a try!

    All the best,
    K - February 24 2023
    Happy to report everything arrived today in excellent condition!
    Frozen items still perfectly frozen and eggs all good. Grateful for your quality products and care.
    Thank you so very much!
    Kristy - February 9 2023
    I just thawed my rib eye steak and decided to fry them . The taste to me was very rich I could only eat half my steak .. I'm very happy with this product . I'm on a carnivore/keto diet and this meat is so dense with vitamins and minerals that I'll be eating less but will go a long way .!I'll definitely be reordering my 25 lb grass fed sample box again when I'm just about running out of the awesome meat
    - January 17 2023
    Back in 2021, I broke my left foot twice, in March and again in June, 2 different bones.
    Because of that, my doctor ordered a bone scan, which revealed last fall that I had full blown osteoporosis.
    The two medications options were not very appealing. So, I did some research and found a book claiming
    to be able to "rebuild my bones". That book mostly recommended that one changes its diet to "grass-fed
    beef, butter and cheeses", "free-range chickens and eggs", and "organic fruits and vegetables".

    I figure "what the hell, at this point, I have nothing to lose, but everything to gain". I thought I would try it
    (and hopefully stick to it) for one year, till my next bone density test in early 2023.

    So on January 1st, 2022, I started this new way of eating. I found Farmer Jim's website from a friend's
    recommendation. I bought my first grass-fed beef, butter, free-range chicken and eggs in January.
    I bought a "grass-fed beef" cookbook and embarked on this new eating lifestyle.

    I've been on numerous diets over the past 40 years, and everyone of them always left me feeling hungry,
    and gradually, I always went back to my original way of eating. Until now.

    To my surprise, after 5 1/2 months on this new eating lifestyle, I have lost 25 lbs. I am a big eater, I love food.
    I am still eating my regular meals, but I am finding that I don't eat as much as once did. Not because I am
    restricting myself, but because I am feeling full and satisfied earlier. I also don't feel bloated after each
    meals. The new recipes are delicious and easy to make, grass-fed beef taste so much better than store-
    bought beef, and so does the chicken and eggs. All that took me by surprise. A pleasant surprise.

    As an added bonus from losing the weight, I recently noticed that I don't need my glasses to watch TV
    anymore, I can actually see the small baseball box with the statistics without glasses. I don't feel that
    I have brain fog anymore, I sleep better, I find myself having so much more energy. My daughter and
    her staff recently told me that there is a new energy about me. I even changed my hair style. The only
    draw-back is because I have lost so much weight, I have been buying new clothes (3 sizes smaller).

    I feel 20 years younger. I can never go back to being that fat. I can never go back to store-bought meat again.

    It may cost a bit more, but since I don't need to eat as much, and I feel so much better, the cost is a well
    worth it.

    Thank you Farmer Jim.

    A very satisfied customer, Huguette

    Huguette - June 7 2022
    Hello Jim,
    Thank you for another great delivery. I wanted to let you know that we tried your breakfast sausages and they are fantastic, and so is the kielbasa. Growing up in Eastern Europe with quality pork products, your sausages are the only ones that we found here to taste like back home. Not watery or rubbery taste, like the most we found at high-end meat shops in Toronto.
    I am a regular shopper at Whole Foods for meats, but quitting now.
    We are a small family, but will soon be placing another order, just to get more of these yummy sausages. Please don't ever change the recipe, they're perfect.

    Best wishes,

    Ramona - January 27 2022
    Farmer Jim's meats are the best and most preferred by our kids who are quite picky. We have tried other farms' products, but always come back to Jim's burgers, chickens and sausages. Thank you, farmer Jim.
    - December 29 2021
    Thank you so much for a lovely farm tour. It was good to see how animals are cared for . I could never get my self to buy store meat without the feeling that I harm my body. Knowing my farmer and having fresh meat going from his freezer to mine is the biggest anytime me. I want to nourish my body and having naturally raised meat from animals eating what nature intended for them to feed on is allowing me that. James chicken was so lean that the first time I added some fat to roasting . When I opened my clay cooking pot it was immersed in its juices. So lean that the only fat there was the one I added. You can eat it’s delicious skin without feeling guilty. Every part of it was equally delicious. That was the biggest surprise. Sausages were so good and had meat only no added fillers you don’t want. To me James meat is not only super tasty treat but it’s my medicine. I can finely eat , enjoy what I’m eating and do it with clean conscious that I’m taking best care of my body without compromising my health. Thank you farmer James for providing my family with good choices of nutrition. To yours and our health!
    Aleksandra from Caledon - January 24 2021
    to James
    I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for the gift meat order I placed. The recipients of the gift, my grandparents, were really happy with the package and have been really enjoying the meat. They said the sausages were the best they had ever had. They were also very impressed by the packaging and thought it was really nice. Thank you very much, you went above and beyond and I really appreciate it. Have a really great Holiday! Cambren

    Cambren Toronto - December 17 2020
    Simply amazing meat! Full of flavour and great quality, miles better than the supermarket meat. Will be ordering regularly!
    - October 25 2020
    It's that time of year again to take that beautiful drive up to Farmer Jim's farm to pick up our supply of chicken.
    Farmer Jim's chickens are by far the best tasting chicken we've ever had. As a friend said "it reminds me of what a chicken is supposed to taste like".
    During the early summer after picking up our chickens from Jim, we taste tested it against a store bought free range chicken and a free range chicken from another farmer in Muskoka. Farmer Jim's chicken was picked as the best tasting chicken by all the guests.
    Victor Mississauga - October 24 2020
    Cory Simmons
    6:58 PM (6 minutes ago)
    to Farmer

    Hi Jim, just wanted to let you know the meat is fantastic. Made up a shoulder roast in the crock pot. Kids loved it... They were so surprised how much better it is.

    Forgive my ignorance, but do you have good meat stock through the winter? Pretty hard to come by in Niagara without a wait list. I just would like to know if I should reorder by a specific time.

    Thanks for the fast delivery and great meat presentation. Rock solid too.
    Cory - September 22 2020
    Just recieved my first order yesterday and the quality of the meat is just excellent. I'm very glad to have found a good source of healthy meat. Thank you very much!
    Wesley - July 3 2020
    I LOVE the meats from Farmer Jim...the quality is the best around and the customer service is even better! Thank you so much!!!
    Bonnie - January 17 2020
    its Clayton. I got everything in my freezer everything looks great so far. I can't wait to put together a nice meal for tomorrow's supper. And also this is great quality meat to be eating after my workout's to help add more clean good protein to my diet , as it is really hard to find good quality grassfed meat in grocery stores now a-days but since I found your service off of internet, it is much better now.


    Clayton - October 10 2019
    About 7 months ago I chose to stop eating grain (or animals that were fed grain) and started researching healthy, ethical farming practices. I found Farmer Jim in an article about top Ontario grass-fed farms. I learned that many farmers start their animals on grass but finish them on grain (presumably to fatten them up). Not Farmer Jim. His animals are fully pastured and peck and graze and thrive outdoors the way farm animals should. Take the time to read the website, it's very personal and Farmer Jim's passion really comes through. His meats are outstanding quality, delicious and fresh, and arrive at your door well packaged and on time. Once you eat this meat, you will never go back to commercial garbage ever again.

    Melanie Springer... York - September 7 2019
    Alan Steinberg

    to Jim

    Just wanted to let you know that the chicken that I procured from you last week was beyond excellent
    It reminded me of the taste of chicken from years ago
    It was delicious and tender
    Thanks very much
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    Steinberg TORONTO - August 12 2019
    Sat, Jul 20, 7:07 PM
    to James


    Thank you for sending our order of meat which was waiting for us at our doorstep on Wednesday. We were very impressed with the way that the meat was packaged - very clear and organized.

    I made steak fajitas this evening, and I must say that I am speechless.

    This is by far the best beef steak I have ever eaten, which includes restaurants and butcher shops. I appreciated you providing cooking tips - i couldn't believe how perfectly I was able to cook the steak in a cast iron skillet on low heat. I tend to overcook meat, so I really needed the advice!

    The steak was so tender, buttery, flavorful, juicy, soft, and the taste was wonderful - not too overpowering of a meat taste, but definitely a more interesting flavour than what you buy in a grocery store.

    I marinated it with avocado oil, chili powder, smoked paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper and fresh garlic.

    Our toppings to accompany the steak on the tortilla were fried onions, bell pepper, portobello mushroom, avocado, lettuce, cabbage, salsa, cilantro. These ingredients dressed the meat beautifully.

    Thank you so much for the hard work that you do to provide a high quality product. Thank you for the care that you show to your animals, and for not participating and giving in to the factory farming practices that have become too common these days. We appreciate you and the excellent customer service, efficient ordering system and delivery that you provide. You definitely have this system down to a science!

    We look forward to trying the other meats in our freezer that we received.

    Until the next order, take care,


    Angela - July 23 2019
    Hi James,

    Sorry to hear that you were not feeling well. Hope you are feeling better now.

    Thank you very much for the credit!! I also wanted to let you know that the turkey was delicious! We said it was probably the best we have had so thank you for it.

    Take care,

    Dave Tymchuk - April 24 2019
    Order from Farmer Jim! Great quality meats that arrive on time and nice to know they come from a great farm in a great province. I live in the city but from the area so I know it’s good stuff. Will definitely keep ordering from farmer Jim!

    Michael Southcott - March 10 2019

    We live in the city and have been trying to transition from store bought meat to farm fresh. Farmer Jim was very helpful once we made the choice to place our first order. Delivery was fast as promised. The meat was very well packaged and after cooking some of our sausages, chicken, and ground beef we are extremely pleased with the quality. Definitely cannot go back to grocery store meat products. We are a family of two adults and 3 toddlers and we ordered the 30lb "make your own"'ll last us till spring as we only eat meat once or twice a week. Very pleased and will order again!
    Nikieshia Pennant - March 13 2019
    Thanks Jim, Looking forward to our order. The last one was wonderful!
    Cindi Dunne - March 2 2019
    Hi Farmer Jim
    I love what you're doing and after countless hours of research there is no question that you are the best.

    I'm German and love sausages, I just need to know if the sausages have gluten?

    Thanks so much.

    Answer...100% meat Krista
    Krista Trobst - February 9 2019
    Hi Jim,
    The grass fed beef is wonderful. Cooked to perfection and so tender. So delicious. I seared it first, then into a hot water and sauce mixture, and cooked it slow for 8 hrs. Wonderful. Thanks so much.
    Linda B
    Linda - Port Perry - February 9 2019
    Good morning Jim,

    Thanks! I received my package yesterday. We already tried the burgers and t-bones steak and it was delicious.

    Keep up the good work we trust that you’ll keep us healthy eating the right meat.

    All the best,

    Susan- Toronto - February 7 2019
    Wow I always bought flank steak from chain stores until I met farmer Jim.
    He gave me a package of meat the first pice I tried was a nice trimmed flank steak one thing I noticed first was the size of the meat compare to grain feed it was much smaller and leaner which I loved it.
    I just seasooned the meat with Himalayan pink salt and Black pepper Seared on the cast iron skillet I used olive oil and farmer's jim grass fed butter also i added a one crushed clove of garlic, Seared each side for 3 minutes for meadium rare.
    Man o Man it was awesome.
    Thank you Farmer Jim
    Nima - December 19 2018
    Love the beef. Keep up the good work Farmer Jim. Please send instructions for cooking the chicken. Thanks.
    Nesrin - November 22 2018
    Had a great chat with Jim today very knowledgeable man. Very excited to start buying from an owner is passionate and takes great pride in the quality of his products
    jeff galeao - November 14 2018
    Once again we received our beautiful order of your meat. Each piece is cut, wrapped and labelled for easy identification.We're looking forward to sharing many happy meals with our family using this very tasty healthy meat. Box and container were neat and easily opened. Thanks again for the wonderful service and product.We look forward to placing our next order. Edward Cook & Donna Cogliano.

    Donna & Edward - October 31 2018
    Hi Jim…
    Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you everything arrived at the house by noon today in perfect condition. The colour of the meat and the chicken looks amazing!!!
    Everything was frozen rock solid as well. The packaging is also top notch.
    This is the first time we have ordered supporting a local farm and eating healthier food and I am sure it won’t be our last.
    Thank you for your attention to detail in all aspects of your business. It goes a long way. I have already forwarded your website to a few friends.
    One question… do you require the box to be saved and returned or should we just dispose of it?

    Thanks again for your service… already looking forward to burgers for dinner tonight!!!!!
    Paul and Alison
    Paul & Alison - October 24 2018
    That was the best turkey we bought from you for our Thanksgiving dinner this year and boy was it juicy and delicious! We love all your meats and chicken and eggs!
    Thanks Farmer Jim!!
    Kathryn - October 15 2018
    to James
    Hey there, I received all the order! Quick question, the burgers are amazing! I know online it says they are pork and beef ? Or are they just beef. No worries ether way I’m just curious. The meat tastes incredible! Thanks again, I’m glad to have found you guys.


    Adam - August 23 2018
    I just wanted to let you know my order was well received.
    Thank you for the clear and detailed communication and the fabulous product. As condo dwellers we are always looking to reduce our carbon footprint, including choosing local farms. I know condos and apartments present some logistical challenges, but wr truly appreciate your effort to deliver to us as well.
    I'm looking forward to dinner this evening and hope to reorder soon.
    Warm regards,
    Jennifer N
    Jennifer N - August 1 2018
    Farmer Jim
    We tried the new pork duck sausage and they're amazing! Out of all the ones we tried of yours these are my favorite.
    Phil - July 31 2018
    to jim
    Hey there!
    You mentioned you wanted feedback so I thought I’d let you know I’ve tried a little of everything now and I’m very happy with it all. The bacon is really good and it makes me happy that it doesn’t have added sugar.
    I love the lamb and have already gone through all the bones. The best part is I know I’m supporting the ethical treatment of animals and feeding myself real food.
    Thanks again. I’ll order again when I’m running low!

    Sent from my iPhone
    Janet-St Thomas area - July 25 2018
    Hi Jim

    Hope you are doing well. We really liked the last order! The chickens and beef were fantastic! Because they were so good I am looking at another order this week for delivery to Calabogie. If it goes out on the first delivery Monday when will it be delivered?

    Thanks again

    Dave T - July 14 2018
    Hi Framer Jim - Your Rump Roasts were Melt in the mouth delicious - so tender and juicy - We had the opportunity to cook the rump roasts from the combo pack we ordered. We cooked it at 350F for 45 mins, and it was exquisite tasting naturally. It looked beautifully brazed and dark on the outside, and when sliced, even on the outside edges, it was cooked to perfection with pink edges progressing in towards the red center. A1 ++++ Flavour, tender and tasty Beef.
    Thanks Farmer Jim,

    Nancy Olson - July 10 2018
    Hi Jim - Just wanted you to know that I made my sister and I the most delicious chicken wings and drumsticks with salad for lunch today. I followed your recipe and it was a very delicious meal. I have kept a drumstick as a leftover for supper. Can't wait to try some bacon over the weekend and burgers next week. I will contact you again, for sure. Thanks again. Anne

    Anne M - June 21 2018
    Farmer Jim,
    Your Pekin ducks are absolutely delicious! Please save me a couple more! Now I want to see them alive in their pond. How did I cook it? Well to start off, these ducks are living a natural happy life in and around their pond, and so this gives them a good flavour. To enhance that flavour, I pound pepper corns, a small dried hot pepper, a couple of fat garlic cloves, and some salt. To this mixture I add a little apple cider vinegar and spoon this paste into the duck’s cavity, sort of like a stuffing. Then I put the duck into a baking bag in a slow oven (300 degrees) for several hours. Oh, yuuuuuummmmmm!
    Ruth T. Pekin Duck - June 16 2018
    We really enjoyed our first order of beef, and are looking forward to trying the pork and chicken now
    Kristan - May 31 2018
    Hey Jim
    Thought you like to know that we all enjoyed the 'grass-fed' beef burgers. They were juicy enough and taste like beef.
    Next up bacon burgers.
    thanks for your time last week.
    see you again, Lucy
    Lucy - May 24 2018
    To jim

    Just wanted to comment that we were very impressed with your product. We ordered from another farm as well to compare and found that your beef was superior, albeit pricier, better. Looking forward to our next order with you.

    Kristan and Jennifer

    Kristan & Jennifer - May 22 2018
    Hi James
    I am here to inform you that I have received the meat and eggs on Wednesday. I tried the chicken legs last night and it tasted awesome! I can really tell the difference in the texture and flavour!
    You are going to hear from me again in the future!

    winnie - April 13 2018
    My friend Lisa finally cooked the special chicken
    ( Chantecler) we purchased from you back in January. Sorry I hope I got the name of the breed right .... Here are the comments from Lisa:

    The three chickens: Cooked very fast very tasty compared to traditional store bought chickens Lots of flavour after boiling the chicken for only 30 minutes. Store bought chickens take hours for a bit of flavour. Meat is not as dense as the other variety ( The Chantecler ) this chicken is a very lean chicken The Chantecler took much longer to cook..... the flavour took twice as long to come out than the orginal three chickens.....Very lean meat.....the meat was very firm and very tasty .... like a real free range pasture farm raised chicken Lisa had as a child.
    Lisa said if she had to choose from one of the two varieties of chickens she would definitely choose the special chicken. It reminds her of what a real chicken should taste like from a texture and taste point of view.
    She just wondered what a fresh egg from this chicken tastes like.
    Well done with raising this variety of chicken. ( Chantecler)
    Hope you have more available soon!

    Best regards,


    Lisa & Victor - March 27 2018
    Hi Jim....Thank you so very much for the visit to your farm. Was really nice to speak with you.
    John and I have had a Bison roast, sausage and lamb chops. Just fantastic, thank you so much. We will be back for sure and shop again . Take Care Jim😊

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    Sharon & John - March 7 2018
    Hi Jim
    Wanted to let you know we've had a couple of the chickens. Chickens had a very sweet taste and much less fat than other free range chickens. We have not tried the special (think you said it was a Chantecler) chicken you sold to us. That will be tasted in a couple of weeks.

    Victor - February 6 2018
    First order 10lbs chicken and 10lbs of beef. all i can saw is I am blown away, the flavors are so good on both beef and chicken. the order came just as promised. I have cooked both with the low and slow cooking for lower fat protein. I am a huge fan now, worth the extra cost if your looking for healthy alternatives and hormone free products.

    great meat, would highly recommend.
    Doug Shillington - January 31 2018
    Hi James,
    Just wanted to let you know that we have tried the summer sausage and cannot stop eating it. It tastes so natural like meat should be.
    I even brought some to work for my co workers to try and they are saying the same thing, they are even thinking of putting a order in.
    Thanks for making such a yummy product.

    Tracey - November 17 2017
    Hello farmer Jim,
    To say we love your meats and fish is an understatement.

    Beef ribs - meaty tender and tasty cooked in the slow cooker on fastest setting (4 hour)
    Meat pulled away from sinew so easy and even got the meat in between the Bone

    Beef roast - slow cooker for 10 hours ( over night) delicious and juicy and tasty again succulent

    Boar Roast - OMG.... mighty delicious.... roast had a small fat covering over roast and there was marble effect.... slow cooker over night for 10 hours....... amazing and tasty.... cap of fat on top kept all moist and was so easy to remove and discard prior to pulling meat apart for pulled boar.... so good

    Trout - again amazing... cooked in pan as usual and fillets were firm strong held up to turning and meaty

    Beef Sausage - you won’t find these in any store.... pure beef sausage need I say more ... nicely seasoned and juicy too

    Pork Bacon -  we haven’t bought store bacon since we had yours..... if we run out too bad we wait until our next purchase..... nice thickness tasty very little shrinking.... doesn’t spit at you .... cook on medium in pan or try the oven..... healthy amazing and none of the additives as in store

    T-Bone Steaks -  again never from the super market again.... tender juicy tasty

    Bison ground - amazing and yes a fan even better than in the markets and it’s a lean as if I ground it myself ( and I do grind my own meats) now I can save some time

    Eggs - yes they are different.... healthy chickens happy chickens lay better eggs

    Chicken - as if I haven’t said enough.... I cooked the drumsticks and wings in Avocado oil (high heat oil) and it’s healthier..... oil only deep enough to half way cover... requires turning however lightly coated in potatoes starch .... chicken had no fat pockets under the skin , it didn’t spit spat while frying either as no fat pockets.... juicy and tasty.... again no longer to market for chicken as it has no taste compared to Jims

    So, a good sampling of meats have been tasted and we are excited to taste the bone in ham, burgers, different sausages, bison steaks and more......

    Thank you Jim for your wonderful energy and livelihood placed into raising and caring for a wonderful product.....

    You have won our hearts
    Yvonne and Mel

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    Melinda Boszormenyi - October 31 2017
    Good Morning Farmer Jim
    I have a chicken story for you.
    Yesterday was the first time that I was cooking your whole chicken. So I thought I would do it the way my mother used to way back in my growing up years up north at the farm in Powassan with our own hens that we raised. So I made the yeast batter called ' bubbat' and followed your instructions on how to bake free range chickens. The bubbat batter is rolled over the chicken and then returned to the oven for the final hour.
    And the result was exactly what I had hoped for. It tasted just like my mother's way back when.
    Now the true test was my 13-yr old son. Wouldn't expect a teen boy to taste a difference. But he sure did. His comment was "Ok, now I like chicken."
    Thought you might like to hear this.
    Keep those cluckers growing b/c when these are finished then I will be ordering more.
    leni - October 23 2017
    Hello Jim!
    We want to say how much we appreciated you giving us a tour of the farms several weeks ago! The road trip to your farm was our highlight of the week and it was very much a pleasure meeting you! Visiting all the animals and seeing how they are raised with integrity really impressed us. We have visited many farms but your farm now holds special meaning to us.
    It was a real eye opener to learn of the rigid processes and regulations that are completed in order for you to offer your customers the very best of quality and freshness. Your dedication and passion definitely shines through.
    We have sampled your variety of meats and cuts that have deliciously satisfied our palette.
    We experienced the following:
    Bison which was absolutely rich in flavorful taste...the best we've ever had.
    The Wild Boar tasted so succulent it did not even compare to any variety of grocery store pork.
    The ribs/pork butt were also amazing and left us yearning for more!
    Cooking the whole chickens on the BBQ was so juicy and tender and no spices required!
    The beef was aged to perfection which was very lean and had quite a strong taste that we have never tasted before.
    We look forward to experimenting with other cuts and also adding to our dog's raw food menu.
    We have already told many of our friends and family who understand that high caliber, healthy food surpasses the processed way of living! (GMO, hormones, chemical, pesticides and antibiotics that are needlessly fed to the animals)
    We look forward to growing this relationship and know we will be your most prized customers.
    PS Greg cannot wait to sample the lamb!

    Greg, Louise & Bailey Fonthill Ontario

    Greg & Louise & Bailey - October 1 2017
    We are so happy with the grass fed products from Farmer Jim. We are enjoying the beef, bison and chicken. They are all delicious. James was very helpful when I placed my order. The packaging and shipping is great. Everything arrived at my front door frozen, well packaged, well labeled and ready for my freezer.
    Healthy and delicious.
    Marcia Mundell - September 2 2017
    Hi Jim
    Thanks so much for that amazing tour of your farms yesterday. It really affected me. Knowing there are people like you out there doing the right thing by animals is really heartening. Don't fluff it off either - I can tell you care! 
    I was so impressed how much you cared about the farm, the animals, the property, 'doing the right thing' etc. Truly. I just posted a long blurb on my Facebook page about my trip yesterday. I know there are probably others doing what you do, but I was also pleased you welcomed me to come up and have a look. 
    I will definitely be ordering some food from you soon. I'm away for the next week or so, so it will be in a few weeks. 
    Take care and thanks again!
    Diane - July 30 2017
    Hi farmer Jim! I'm about to order for the second time because we were so happy with our first experience. This time my parents will order with us and we were wondering if we could request some specific items in our order? (Broth bones, more burger patties for example)?

    Neena Folliott - July 29 2017
    This is the second time we are ordering from you. Meat was amazing. We are telling everyone we talk to about you guys and what a difference grass fed, free range is. thank you.
    Tracy - July 9 2017
    HI Jim,
    I'm so happy with the meat I've purchased from you last month ( haven't finished it yet).
    The boyfriend and I are headed camping this weekend and I was wondering if you would be able to put a box together for me-- I can pick up as I cannot wait for the next delivery.
    Sabrina-Nicole - July 5 2017
    Just received my first shipment! Delivery was a breeze and everything was packaged nicely, cannot wait to find out how great it tastes. You may have another customer for life.
    Andrew Bootsma - June 28 2017
    Can I send an internet transfer instead of credit for my next order? 
    Also I have recommended and shared your website with friends and my Naturopathic doctor. Hopefully this will result in them becoming new clients. We love your service and food quality.

    Marie-London - June 25 2017
    to James
    Just wanted to let you know our order was delivered perfectly and were incredibly excited for our second order. People that come over can't believe how good and different everything tastes.

    Brent Barron - June 22 2017
    HI Jim,
    Sorry it’s been a while.  We moved from Belleville to London Ontario in November. Our jobs have kept us very busy with commuting daily to Toronto.  However, we were missing your wonderful grass-fed meat products so I finally got this order done.  Can you please rush any item possible?  Secondly can you please double check your delivery system to ensure our new address is right. I would be very upset if this amount of food went to Belleville and of course very disappointed as we are anxious to have our wonderful quality meat from your farm again.
    Thanks so much and Happy Sunny days (finally),
    Marie Mitchell

    Marie-London - April 16 2017
    Jim's beef is so much better than anything you would buy at the grocery and so much better for you. His service is bar none and worth alittle more money.
    Linda Mumford - April 9 2017
    to James
    Thank you Soooo very much  XOXO
    Anna Wong - April 6 2017
    to James
    Hi there - got the package just fine, in good shape, everything frozen hard.  Had delicious Lake Trout for dinner!

    thanks so much!
    Martha Equinox

    Martha Equinox E.A. - April 6 2017
    We really enjoyed meeting Jim and getting a tour of the farm. We both agreed that the chicken, bacon, eggs, and beef were the best we have ever tasted in our lives. We plan on buying all of our meat at Jim's farm from now on.
    Tom and Lorreta - March 21 2017
    Thanks Jim

    Had our first roast and it was delicious. My wife Meira even posted on your FB page and a friend said she would be ordering. 

    Word of mouth is great!

    Thanks for taking such good care of us on that first order. I think we are converted. 


    Todd Mississauga - February 28 2017
    Hello Jim, James Patsakos here.  I'm the hunter that purchased your grass fed beef and you asked that I give you some feedback.  During our conversation, I neglected to mention that I spent years in the restaurant business and am very capable in the kitchen.
    So here goes...I loved it.
    I cooked the large steak after letting defrost in the fridge and come close to room temp.  I cooked it in a very neutral manner so as not to influence the taste of the meat with added flavors.  I salted the steak while it sat at room temp.  I did not tenderize the meat in any way.
    I cooked it to medium/rare in a stainless steel frying pan on the stove top at a medium/high hear using a little grapeseed oil (I can see you cringing right now).  Probably had 2 minutes on each side.
    Once it got a bit of color on each side, I put the pan in the oven on convection roast at 350 for about 6 or 7 minutes.
    The steak finished at medium rare and i let it see for a min or two prior to cutting into it.
    The final product was very good.  I liked it very much as did my son. 
    I noticed the difference between your product and store bought immediately out of the the wrapping.  It was lean and was a cross between grain fed beef and wild deer.  It was lean and the grass flavour was forward on the first bite, and then settled into a delicious meal.
    I look forward to my next serving.

    James Patsakos - February 12 2017
    We have made 2 large orders in the past and just love the beef, pork, and chicken. There's only two of us so an order does last us quite awhile. We can no longer go back to supermarket meat because we find the product from Farmer Jim is SO much better. The meat cooks nicely with little shrinkage. Also, the meat itself has flavour - I get many compliments and I know I haven't had to hide the meat by over seasoning it. We just recently ran out and for convenience, I purchased 2 grocery store pork chops. The meat was tasteless, cooked up tough (even though I slightly undercooked it before resting) and the texture was rough. Time for a new order!
    Jennifer Ko - January 29 2017
    Hi Farmer Jim,
    we purchased beef from Jim in June for our anniversary we bought i believe was 100lbs of beef to feed at least 100 people lets just say it was so good i had to ask the cook to save me 2lb before it was all eatened up it was the best beef we have ever had and all our guest was so satisifed not 1 soul went home hungry that night . thanks Jim we will purchase more from you .
    P.s. I am sorry it took so long to post this. but your beef is to die for..
    Claudette Horton - January 18 2017
    Dear James,
    You've really contributed to our holidays!
    The pork roast was sensational. While looking for recipes, I found one from a farmer like you in Texas. He shared his family recipe, and i followed it,first brining the roast with spices and orange zest and honey, and then cooking at very low temp (after the first half hour). The family is still talking about it!
    I shared one package of bacon, giving it to my daughter and her family for Xmas morning.
    I made a great beef bone broth and then use that to make super healthy soup and had plenty on hand for drop in visits from the older grand kids.
    I've been cooking a long time, and I can taste the difference. The family is raving about me, but i know how much is dependent on the ingredients!
    So thank you for making our holidays filled with the comfort of good food.

    On another subject:
    My son-in-law would like make pork schnitzel for my husbands 78th birthday in mid January, and i wanted to ask if it is possible to get thinner cut, boneless pork loin chops.
    Please do let me know! We can add to that order since I have family and friends who would help make an order. And I'd be happy to buy the bones you remove for bone broth...
    Happy New Year!
    Maxine Schacker
    PS Please feel free to quote me if any of what I've said is useful for promotion. Ww need you to do well so we can all stay healthy!
    PSSThe eggs did very well- only one cracked and my husband thinks that could have been his fault!
    Maxine-Toronto Dec 28 2016 - December 28 2016
    Hello Jim,
    Just to let you know that my order # 2 arrived around 3 pm and in excellent condition. Thank you for the extra 4 farm fresh eggs. I truly appreciate it and will be having some for my breakfast tomorrow.
    I will also be sending you another order (probably on Friday). I want to be sure to fill up my freezer before Christmas and also have some extra to give as a gift to my children and grandchildren.
    Thank you again for the work you do to raise healthy animals so that we will also be healthy.

    Best regards,
    Maria Di Cocco
    Marie Dec 15th 2016 - December 15 2016
    Stefan Czaban
    8:25 PM (7 hours ago)
    to Farmer Jim
    the delivery arrived safe and sound. the packaging was excellent. look forward to years of business. next order will include lamb. i didn't see lamb kidneys on your website but woukd love to order some if they are available.


    Stefan-Ottawa - December 15 2016
    Hello Jim,

    I would like my order # 2 to be left on the bench next to the back door. I'm looking forward to making my lasagne with the ground lamb. I know it will be delicious just like the meat I cooked from my order # 1. Thank you for providing us with healthy food.
    Best regards,
    Maria Di Cocco
    Marie - December 9 2016
    Hi Farmer Jim
    This is my first order and as promised it was delivered on Wednesday , and I want to thank you for sharing such amazing food. I love the fact that I know where the meat comes from and how it is raised. I can say that everything tasted amazingly delicious.

    Welland Ontario
    Lucie from Welland - December 5 2016
    My family and I enjoyed a wonderful supper tonight. I made a delicious tomato sauce using the stewing beef from my first order that I received in great condition on Wed. of this past week . The meat was the most tender stewing beef I have ever cooked. My husband barbequed 2 packages of the sausages and they were fantastic. He said they tasted like homemade and didn't upset his stomach like store bought usually do. My family definitely want me to order more meat from you. I am planning to order chicken and lamb meat next, in time to make a lovely lamb sauce for my lasagne dish for Christmas. By the way, I couldn't wait to try the steak and ground beef you sent me so I had the steak on Thursday and made 5 big hamburgers on Friday. I did share with my husband and we both enjoyed our meals very much. My 2 year old granddaughter had one of the hamburgers and loved it too. Thank you again for your hard work and quick service in delivering healthy food for all of us to enjoy.
    Location Tecumseh Ontario
    Maria From Tecumseh area - December 4 2016
    Hi Farmer Jim,
    Just wanted the let you know that I received my order in perfect condition, and everything that I have tried so far has been absolutely delicious!
    This was my first order from you, but it certainly won't be my last!
    Thank you for providing this valuable service to all who like to eat well and who really care about the well being of these lovely animals!

    Location: Deep River, Ontario, Canada

    Karen Deep River - December 3 2016
    Hi Jim,

    It was great to meet you and your wife and all your animals today. I defrosted one of the ground beef packages and making pasta sauce with it. It smells like your farm! So fragrant and delicious. 

    Can't wait to dig into the rest of our treasures from today. 

    Have a great evening,


    Mahahad Toronto - November 20 2016
    Haven't tried the beef or the pork yet. The chicken is amazing. Ten out of ten.
    Just put in another order for more.
    Rowena - November 11 2016
    First order Jim, and everything arrived on time and well frozen. Already using the bones to make soup stock. Looking forward to preparing the pig trotters
    Derry Robertson Nov 9th 2016 - November 9 2016
    Hi Jim - to be honest with you I didn't even open the boxes but there were no leaks or anything so I assume they were fine.  The box was in perfect shape upon delivery.  I will check for you tonight when I get home and let you know for sure tomorrow.
    So far everything that we have ordered has come beautifully packaged and everything is delicious.

    Thanks, Jane

    Location: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
    Jane - October 27 2016
    My wife and I just finished our first steak. We followed your directions and were thrilled with the results. we will not be strangers. Thank you for the excellent eating experience

    Kevin Windsor Area
    Kevin Windsor area - September 10 2016
    Good morning!

    I'm always on the hunt looking for healthy meat to serve to my family. I'm hoping this will be the magic bullet I've been searching for. I love the convenience of the ordering process and the flexibility of having a freezer full of healthy choices to make for dinner.

    Mike Stoney Creek - August 6 2016
    It's so sad that North America has such a flawed system in grading today's steroid injected meat that is sprayed with chemicals to make the shelf life of the meat look new. When I became enlighted to these facts I had to make a change right away. And than I found your site that delivers.

    Keep up your hard work in raising healthy meat so Canadians can stay healthy.

    And I still give your meat an A++++++++++

    Fay M - July 30 2016
    HI Jim ,I'm writing this email on behalf of Ross Mowat , I'm his wife Amanda I just wanted to let you know that we have recently purchase our first BBQ bundle from you and thought that the burgers and beef are outstanding .

    We are about to reorder and it mentioned on your wen site that if we touch base with you and mention how great your burgers are that we could take advantage of a 10% discount.

    We are so happy with your meat .. I mean that in the most professional way .. lol that we are buying the supreme beef and pork package 15Lb. Cant wait yummo !

    Question : we have your cooler box , do we leave it for delivery guy please advise.

    Thanks so much

    Chat soon
    Amanda - July 11 2016
    Just wanted to say thank you Jim for high quality meat!
    We absolutely loved our first order of grass fed sampler and now we are enjoying Grilling Special 2016. Steaks look and taste great while burger patties are well sized and nicely seasoned!
    It is great that now we can also order eggs, that by the way are delicious!
    Looking forward to Visit your farm in person!

    Thank you,
    Julia - June 25 2016
    Hi Jim,
    Well another really great meat order has been delivered all frosty and frozen, as usual. All those wonderful steaks and hamburger patties have topped my freezer up nicely. I love, love, love the Grilling Combo! I had one of the hamburgers last night and it was really delicious! Just enough seasoning in them. Will have another tonight and I can honestly say, I'm looking forward to it! I know I am really going to enjoy this last order Jim. Well my hubby finally got to eat his Whitefish that came in my order last month. He really loved it and the freshness of it. I had a small taste of it and even I, who's not a lover of fish, thought it tasted pretty good! I've had a couple of meals with the pork chops that I got in my order last month and boy, they were delicious! They are so juicy and tender and big! Each chop makes for one very filling meal! I did the rump roast in my slow cooker this time and lordy, lordy, was absolutely the best! Now, back to the Grilling Combo Package. I don't know how long you will have this particular combo for sale Jim, but I'm hoping you'll be selling it well into August or September. At that time I should have enough room in my freezer for another order. Thanks for all the great meat you so carefully ship out to all your many customers Jim. It is the best beef, chicken and pork that I have ever eaten. (Ok...and fish) Many, many thanks for my wonderful Grilling Combo. I just know I'm going to have a very tasty, finger licking good, and filling summer! :)
    Have a great day on the farm,
    Joanne Grant - June 10 2016
    Hi Jim,

    I received the package as expected. Many thanks for the eggs, only 5 were broken, but the other 19 were intact. We already tasted them, and they are delicious.
    I also wanted to say that after trying 2 other Ontario farmers, your beef and pork are superior in taste and quality overall.
    Can't wait to try your fish next...once our freezer will have enough room for a new order.

    Ramona - June 2 2016
    Thank u for taking the time us your farm today we really enjoyed it and had a fantastic day
    On our way out we went to Pebbles Restaurant and had a late lunch which was also really great

    Location: Toronto,
    Arezu - May 24 2016
    Hi Jim,
    Just letting you know I got my order of beef and it was all frosty frozen solid, as usual. I had one of the Tenderloin steaks the following day and boy was it wonderful! So tasty and melt in your mouth tender. Thanks for the great selection of meat you sent. It's always like Christmas whenever I get a package from you. It's always a surprise inside that wonderful shipping box! :)
    I just put in my order for the 10 lbs. of Pork Chops and the 10 lbs. of Parted Out Chicken. I tried to order the White Fish but for some reason it wouldn't go through. I did order it after I had ordered the chops and the chicken. Of course, I am no whiz on this machine so that could very well have something to do about the order not getting processed. In the meantime, I will gladly enjoy all my wonderful beef and soon to arrive chops and chickens parts!
    Many thanks for taking such good care of all your customers Jim. It's much appreciated.
    Have a great day on the farm!
    Joanne Grant - May 22 2016
    Hi Farmer Jim
    We really enjoyed eating your Georgian Bay lake trout (and I am picky about my fish). It tasted like it was just caught that day.
    I guess the fact that it is only frozen once as opposed to the usual twice makes all the difference! I will make sure I add more to my next order.
    Debbie Milling

    Debbie - May 16 2016
    The fish is fantastic! thanks so much for adding this option.
    Marie - May 13 2016
    Hi Jim

    I just wanted to tell you that the trout was superb!!!!!

    What a difference to the store bough farmed fish!

    Ramona :)

    Ramona - May 11 2016
    Just got our package this week! Can't wait to try out the meat. Thanks for the open communication Jim!
    Francesca - May 7 2016

    Thomas Wong

    12:37 PM (2 hours ago)
    to James
    I shall try your new Nova Brown Chicken and let you know what its like.

    Buy the way the Lake Trout was really fresh and good. Will buy more.


    Thomas - May 3 2016
    Hi Jim,
    I got the package yesterday and I am very happy with everything. The ordering process was very easy and delivery was quick. I had some of the ground beef last night as well which was delicious.
    You should expect another order from me as soon as I run out.
    Thank you,
    Maciek Zausz
    Maciek - March 31 2016
    Good Evening Jim,
    I received the order. Just want to send my regards. The beef is delicious. I sous vide'd a rib steak tonight
    Jeff March 24 2016 - March 24 2016
    We just finished our Sunday dinner. A beautiful Grass Fed Rump Roast from Farmer Jim. Cooked all day in the slow cooker with just simply organic beef broth, organic carrots, organic onions, organic mushroom and 1tblsp Worchester sauce......SIMPLY was the Strip Loin Steaks we had for dinner last night BBQ'd.... and the bacon (from farmer Jim) stuffed pork chops and so on and so on. NEVER eaten just a good piece of meat from Farmer Jim always a GREAT piece of meat...chicken, pork, beef no matter what cut...ITS ALL WONDERFUL......THANKS JIM FOR WHAT YOU DO SOOOO WELLL AND FOR SHARING IT ...

    Christine and Dan
    Christine and Dan Laforce - March 13 2016
    I ordered for the first time from farmer Jim and I'm so pleased with the products and service that I will definitely order all my meats from him from now on. The delivery was done in a timely and careful manner and the meat is simply the best I've had so far. Thank you for great tasting products!
    Ramona Feb 18 2016 - February 18 2016
    Hi Jim,
    I received my order...everything is perfect. It was shipped in a timely manner, payment was easy and the meat is amazing. So grateful for the quality of your product. Thank you so much!

    Vesna - February 15 2016
    I am so glad I found your site! My first order arrived this week and I have already started using the meat in some of my favourite recipes. The taste has ruined me for grocery store meat - it's so fresh! You definitely have a repeat customer. Thank you for being such a caring and responsible farmer!
    Erica McKenzie Jan 2016 - January 15 2016
    Hi Jim,

    Just a note to let you know my order arrived safely. Everything is frosty and frozen. Thank you for the great selection you sent. I am looking forward to having one of those wonderful T Bone steaks. My taste buds are jumping just from the memory of the T Bone I had last summer! :)

    I hope you and your family had a wonderful and restful Christmas and I wish only the best for you in 2016!

    Joanne Barrie - January 8 2016
    I had a party with my friends Jim, they all loved your meat, Steffan in Ottawa
    STEFFAN CARDEN - December 10 2015
    Got my first order a couple of weeks ago, ordering and payment was easy, no issues. I got a Pork & Beef combo and I received on the expected date as promised, in perfect condition.
    So far I have tried some beef and Pork cuts; Pork is my favorite, it has an amazing taste, the sausages are a hit with my kids.
    It's first time I try grass fed beef, it certainly has a different flavor and way less fat that other cuts, haven't tried the steaks yet.
    Thanks Jim!
    Jose Arias - Richmond Hill - December 2 2015
    Your product was recommended to me by Mike Mitchel (his wife Marie places their order). He loves your product especially the sausages!

    Janet Brinkert Morris - November 14 2015
    Second order, included the lamb. We love lamb. Done in slow cooker then browned...can't really get much better!!!
    Christopher Fry - October 29 2015
    Hi JIm,

    You were right about your pork sausages. They are delicious. The fat is like a sweet butter. I could drink a glass of the juices expelled - they’re that good. This is better than I remember pork tasting from my childhood. It’s also so oddly filling - I could barely finish two sausages.

    So, you got me convinced about the pork. I’ll definitely order more pig from you. And I’ll try the chicken and lamb too.

    Trying the ground beef this weekend too. Just simple burgers. Looking forward to it.


    Daniel Oct/15 - October 18 2015
    We are getting set for our second order...Cheers
    Christopher Fry Sept/8 - September 8 2015
    Hi Jim,

    My order arrived safely, all frosty and frozen solid and looking like it had just been packaged. You are one great meat packer! :) The chicken pieces look fabulous, so much so, I left one of the breasts out for supper tomorrow might. I had a wonderful surprise two days ago when I was cleaning out the freezer getting it ready for the 30 lbs of meat that was soon to be delivered. Tucked away behind a roast was this beautiful, huge and I do mean HUGE, T-Bone steak. I don't know how I overlooked it when my company was here but I am so happy I did! I cooked the steak up for my lunch today and Holy Hannah it was so tender and juicy and full of flavor I said a silent prayer of thanks to the Almighty for hiding it on me. I could only eat half of it so for supper tonight I will have the other half sliced up in a big organic salad with fixings from my hubby's garden. I'm kind of sorry that my company didn't get to have a taste of this premium cut of meat but then again...I would have missed out! Jim, I have tasted many quality steaks in my lifetime but none could compare with this T-Bone steak. I believe it all stems from the care that you give your animals that we, your customers, get the chance to experience the true taste of quality and goodness. Once again, many thanks Jim. Till the next time...

    Joanne Grant

    August 12 2015 - August 12 2015
    Thanks for everything Jim,
    My company had never tasted meals like they had here. What's to complain about! They got to eat all the steaks and the majority of the pork chops! They also were really taken with the ground pork sausage bangers I made for their breakfasts every morning. I loved having them but it was sure nice to put my feet up once again after they left! :)

    Keep well
    Joanne Grant
    J.G. - August 2 2015
    Hi Jim,
    Sorry for not letting you know I got my order but my hubby has been updating my computer and I'm just now getting to have some time on it. The meat was delivered as usual, all frosty and frozen solid. I made a pot of beef stew the other day and the stew meat just melted in my mouth! I had to force myself away from the table. Of course I must not forget to mention your delicious pork chops which also melt in my mouth. They are so tender and so, so tasty! My first taste of your farm fresh sausage really hit a home run here. I thought they might be all greasy and running with fat but uh-uh. So I have decided next to the pork chops, they are now my next best meat product from the farm! They were so good! Moist and tender and very flavourful. And huge! Did I mention they were huge? I'm thinking I'm going to need some more of those sausages in my next order! Tonight we are having some of your free range chicken parts. Can't wait! So thank you Jim for keeping me so well fed! I thank you and my almost pain free body thanks you for providing us with all the wonderful choices of healthy meats. Till next time...
    Have a great day on the farm.
    Joanne Grant

    Joanne Grant - February 11 2016

    I have been enjoying your products immensely. The pork chops and steaks are mouth watering, and the liver mixed in with stewing beef is delicious.

    I don't have time at the moment to come to Durham so I am going to take advantage of your delivery service. The delivery will be fine on the porch. If the box(es) could be left close to the door on the west wall of the little alcove it will be cooler as the sun doesn't shine in there.

    Looking forward to the delivery. From the testimonials it looks like you are doing a fantastic business. Good for you. You put a lot of work into and take a lot of pride in your new venture. Much appreciated at this end.



    Shirlene Keswick - July 11 2015
    Myself and a couple of friends just went through a beef sampler and it was delicious. Going to order a larger amount in the coming days. This is what meat is supposed to taste like.
    Jean-Paul; King City On. - July 6 2015
    I receive my order just over a week ago. The garlic sausages are a hit with my family and the beef and lamb are also quite tasty. Your grass fed beef, lamb and pastured pork are a great addition to the mostly local organic fruits and vegetables I buy.
    Thank you!
    Lisa - June 14 2015
    So I received you beef, and so far, I am very impressed! I've made a pasta sauce with the ground beef (that my husband said was the best sauce he's ever tasted), stock with the bones that was delicious, and tonight, we tried the rib-eye steaks. I marinated them in olive oil, crushed garlic, celtic salt and fresh rosemary, then seared them 2 minutes each side, and let them cook low for a few more minutes. I let them sit for about 10 minutes afterwards. They were better than the Keg! My kids gobbled them up (and I mean GOBBLED- my 15 month old only wanted the meat, nothing else!). I Can't wait to try the roast :)

    Thanks again for the great beef!

    Talk to you soon,
    May 30 2015 - May 30 2015
    You're the best, thank you so much!

    By the way, this is an awesome service for us... It makes no sense for us to have a car, living in downtown Toronto, it would cost so much to park and manage, but that ends up creating a bit of difficulty around groceries, especially if I want healthy food, so now I'm getting my meat and produce delivered and its all super healthy! It's really working out perfectly. :)

    Anyway... Thanks so much!!

    Leslie,,down town Toronto - May 28 2015
    Hello Jim,
    Received my order today!!!!!! I was so excited I deforsted some steak for dinner.
    Yum, yum!!!!!! The meat came out just perfect, tender, and yes that taste I used to remember!
    Thanks again , As soon as we run out we will be placing another order!!!! Bon Appetite!
    Alice Allan - April 1 2015

    Hi Jim
    Got my meat order this afternoon. Very impressive how you ship it! Good for you for coming up with the idea.
    I cooked up a few of the steaks and all I can say is HEAVEN! This is how I remember meat used to taste as a kid.
    My husband loves it as well and my 18 year old daughter who had pretty much given up on meat as it bothered
    her stomach ate a big piece, loved it and feels great!
    I am so glad I found you!
    I thought I saw a BBQ special on your old site (new one looks great by the way!). Are you going to offer this for the summer?
    Your loyal customer


    Cherylann Windsor - March 18 2015
    Once I got the hang of cooking grass fed and pasture raised meat with the help of you, the grass fed book, and your customers, I started to fall in love with your meat. Your grass fed beef cuts are truly amazing! The taste is so clean, lean, and grassy! I have also tried your roasts, chickens, and turkeys, and every time they turn out very tender and not dry tasting. The fat from the pork chops, bacon, and sausage also taste very different compared to conventional-raised meat as they seem much smoother silky tasting, and melts in your mouth.

    By the way, your new re-designed website looks more intuitive and clean than ever!

    Thanks a lot Jim
    Thomas - March 17 2015
    Hi Jim,

    I just wanted to let you know my order has arrived. Everything looks great. With everything that I've had from you, I am now really looking forward to my first meal of pork chops. I'm sure they will be as tender and tasty as all the beef, pork and chicken that we've had in the past. It's hard to believe that many people are going through life not really knowing what healthy meat is supposed to taste like. I'm grateful I found out. Many thanks for the great meat and the great service.
    Much happiness,

    Joanne Grant
    Joanne Grant Barrie - March 10 2015
    Ok. I guess I was also a bit worried about the neighbours dog.

    But it is very quiet here and I am sure it would be fine in the porch for a few hours.

    We love your products. This is my fourth order.

    Lauren - March 7 2015
    Hi Jim,

    I just wanted to let you know I just ordered the 10 lb package of pork chops and the 10 lb package of Free Range Chicken parts. I wanted to also let you know just how well I have been feeling eating your very fine Grass Fed products. I have been a long time sufferer of Osteoarthritis and also Fibromyalgia. Everyday was a struggle to complete the smallest chore and each passing year these struggles just kept getting worse. A friend told me of a new diet that was helping her control her pain called the Whole30 Diet so I got the book and read it through twice before I made the decision to try the diet. One of the things suggested in the diet is eating only grass-fed meats. Well, it took a lot of soul searching to make that decision because I had been a vegan for the past two years. Unfortunately I was not getting much pain relief with that way of eating. I placed my first order with you in late November or early December with the idea of starting the new diet on January 1st. I have to be very honest and tell you that I had to struggle to cook my first meat meal in over two years but when I tasted the meat I just knew something was very, very special about it. It had a very clean. fresh, light taste to it. Within ten days of starting the diet, I had no stiffness in my knees and my shoulders and neck had no pain! Eating meat-meals three times a day was very hard for me at first but my body was quickly adjusting to it. I completed my first thirty-day diet on January 30th and at that point I was totally pain free. I have just started another thirty days. There have been a few things that I have noticed in eating your wonderful grass-fed meat and one of the most pleasant things was the effect it was having on my emotions. I find I am in a constant state of feeling happy! Also, after I've had one of my very satisfying meals, my body just felt 'pumped up'! I know this all sounds silly, but it really is the truth. I had two weeks were I broke the diet and it didn't take long for the aches and pains to return and my mood once again reflected the pain I was in. I was once again short tempered and down right unpleasant at times. I am slowly coming to the realization that the way the animals are treated in their lifetime plays a big roll in how their meat effects our bodies when we ingest it. Jim, I have to say that I have enjoyed everything I have ordered from you. Your beef is truly wonderful and so clean tasting. The chicken is like none I have ever tasted. Meaty and moist. The liver I got from you in my last order was absolutely wonderful! Never have I tasted liver like that. It really was melt in your mouth tender. I'm anxious to get the pork chops now, so I can try them also. I am so truly grateful that I was able to find you on the internet. You have not only provided me with clean tasting meats, you are also providing me chronic pain relief from illnesses that I would be taking medications for. Thank you for everything. Keep well.
    Joanne Grant

    Joanne Barrie - March 6 2015
    Hello Jim,
    Wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the safe arrival and packaging of the meat. Today we tried your bacon and sausage and I had to write and say thank you for what you do! It's so yummy. The bacon is incredible, meaty and delicious flavour. Love the garlic flavour in the sausage and how it melts in the mouth.
    Thanks again, you Rock Farmer Jim!!
    Barrie and Jill
    Your new, over the moon, Burlington Customers,
    Jill - February 16 2015
    Hi Farmer Jim
    We are enjoying your beef, pork and chicken. Thank you.
    We are a family of 4 just so you know for the packaging of our meat ( love the bacon, we would love more of it)
    Lori, Bolton Ontario - February 14 2015
    Hi Jim,

    It was great talking with you yesterday:). I just wanted to let you know that I mailed a check off to you this morning for the beef package so you should be receiving it soon. My husband and I plan on taking a trip to your farm as soon as the weather warms up a bit:). We are very grateful to find grass fed beef so close to our home, and we are really looking forward to trying it:)! I have a feeling that the "grass fed beef" we have been buying at our local butcher is not totally grass fed all its life. I think it's finished with corn for the last 3 months of its life as the meat is not a dark purply red as you were saying and is very marbled with fat.

    In Appreciation,

    Nicole Fraser

    Nicole - February 11 2015
    Good morning Jim,

    Just a quick note to let you know my order arrived safely yesterday. Everything was just as ordered. We're looking forward to trying the beef liver. If the liver is only half as good as all the other meats we've got from you, I know it will probably just melt in our mouths. Many thanks for all the truly tender and tasty meats you are providing for your clients. I can honestly say my taste buds are rejuvenated and doing their own 'happy dance'. :)

    Have a wonderful day on the farm.

    Joanne Grant
    J Grant Barrie Ontario - February 15 2015
    Dear Farmer Jim

    I received my meat order Tuesday and have had it twice now.I never tasted meat so good .thank you.
    Francis F

    Francis F Brampton - February 6 2015
    Good morning Jim,

    This is Nick Richardson and as promised I am emailing my feedback on my recent meat order.

    To start, the order arrived when expected with no issues. No package damage or delays. We ordered the 30 lbs beef and pork. We found the selection of meat to be good for both the pork and the beef. We have had the opportunity to eat; bacon, sausages, pork butt chops, ground beef, and rib steaks. The pork was delicious and cooks pretty close to store bought. The butt chops were cooked on my charcoal bar-be-que, and I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a chop that good. The beef is delicious as well. It taste like grass feed beef, I personally like the taste better. It is not “gamy” or overpowering, a nice mild flavour.

    When cooking, the pork can be cooked a little closer to what you would do with store bought (except the sausages, they will dry out if not taken off the grill early). The beef you need to keep your eye on, It is lean meat and goes from being cooked perfect to hard very quickly. I enjoy my beef med-rare so it makes cooking a little easier. My wife cooked the rib steaks in a pan according to your website instructions and they came out perfect. As you know the trick is to take the beef off early and let it sit for at least 5 min before serving. this does the final cooking. For people who are use to cooking store bought beef, the meat usually goes from the grill to the plate. I find if you take the meat off one stage before you normally do, it will come out perfect. For example if you like med-done beef, take the meat out at med and the 5 min sitting on the counter will finish it.

    My family loved the beef and pork and it is nice to know where it came from and how it has been raised. Thanks for the tasty meat, I will definitely be ordering more in the future. Keep up the good work, you are doing something that not a lot farmers would. I enjoy dealing with people who still appreciate quality.

    Thank you

    Nick Richardson and family.

    Nick Richardson - September 15 2014
    Hi Jim, I would like to leave you some feedback on our experience with your service.

    The website was easy to navigate and the selection of products was plentiful. The ordering process was easy and our shipment arrived promptly. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at the quantity of meat included in our order. I know it is clearly stated on the website the quantity but until you get your first order it is hard to visualize. I was also impressed with the packaging. The meat was carefully packed and even in its frozen state looked amazingly fresh!

    Our first opportunity to try our first grass fed beef came this weekend where we prepared hamburgers for the BBQ, topped with Apple wood Smoked Cheddar and a fresh organic salad.

    I have been a chef now for over 30 years and have cooked and eaten the most premium cuts and quality of beef available. From Black Stump to wagyu beef I have had them all. With out a doubt this is the best beef I have ever eaten. The beef was lean yet the burgers were juicy and delicious. The flavor of the beef is full bodied yet clean on the palate.

    Best of all the meat is easily digested and leaves you feeling satisfied and energized.

    Beef of this quality at the price you are charging is an incredible bargain.

    Thanks again from another new regular customer
    (June 1st 2014)
    Ian Purdy - July 11 2014
    Jim, nice talking to you, I am so glad I found you, I have been wanting to make changes in life and health for so long now but just didnt know how, we talked a bit about weight and I have struggled with it all my life, up and down so many times but the problem is that I always went on diets then went back to the way I was eating, I now realize that I need to change the way I eat so the grass fed beef is a great place to start. Here is an article from Dr. Mercola I found interesting. See you Monday.
    Helen - July 11 2014
    Hi Jim;
    My wife and I want to thank you for all the info provided during our conversation, on the day we picked up our order.
    The quality along with the taste of the beef is exceptional, and will be a returning customer.

    Thanks and Happy New Years,

    Marty - July 11 2014
    Hi Jim,

    Great meal, had a wonderful roast tonight. I had to fight off the raccoons for the meat left on the porch but I beat them off with a stick. Nice job on the packaging. Only complaint was I did not get a beef tenderloin. Next time I hope.

    Todd - July 11 2014
    Hi Jim,

    I wanted to thank you and Nicki for your hospitality last week. I'm sorry that I haven't gotten back to you sooner but I've been quite busy with a few of the things on my plate. My business is taking off and I'm going to be pretty busy for the next two weeks at least, so I'm not sure about skiing.

    I've had a chance to try the ground beef and the tenderloin. It's quite simply the best tasting beef I've ever had! I found that I had to cook the ground beef slowly because it is so lean and I even debated adding some oil to the pan. I seared the tenderloin on both sides and cooked it as suggested by Shannon Hayes and it was very tender and had great flavour. When are you going to Milton next, because I'd like to buy some more.

    Thanks again,
    Mark Vidler - July 11 2014
    Hi Jim!
    I wanted to let you know that you exceeded my expectations both from a quality and a customer service perspective. The beef is absolutely delicious( thanks for your cooking tips!) and you made the whole process from buying to delivery so effortless.

    Thanks so much! You have my business from now on..without a doubt.

    Donna Macdougall (Milton, Ontario) - July 11 2014
    Hello Jim,

    We just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know how nice your beef is!! We have had a few meals already and the taste is very good. Robert has mastered the BBQ-ing techniques which really isn't all that different from grain fed beef.

    Anyway, thanks again for such a nice visit and for showing us around your farm when we were there.

    Please say hello to your wife for us, and thank her for showing us the horses :O)

    Suzanne and Robert Bertolas (Rockland, Ontario) - July 11 2014
    Hello Jim,

    It's an absolute pleasure working with you and thank you for being there for us. Keep up the great work Jim (James). To your health sir!


    Baron - July 11 2014
    Hi Jim,

    It was really nice to meet you other Saturday. The meet is delicious
    ... and we need more before you'll sell all.
    Dorota - July 11 2014

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