Pasture Pork

When your health, quality and taste matters...order our finest pasture pork!

Pasture Pork's Natures DietTaste our traditional farm-raised Ontario pigs and enjoy the succulence and flavour with no antibiotics, meat-based proteins, growth hormones, synthetics or artificial additives.

You’ll receive naturally raised, prime quality government-inspected pork paper wrapped for freshness flash frozen and ready for your freezer.


Pork with Pedigree

My pasture raised pork has an excellent old fashioned flavour and is well trimmed. My DUROC CROSS pigs are a “New World” heritage breed developed by American farmers in the early 1800s. Pasture Pork with Pedegree

My pigs are free to roam in both a woodland and pasture while having free choice access to a straw based shelter.  On most days, you will find the pigs rooting amongst the trees looking for grubs or relaxing as they wallow in their pond.  They have access to an antibiotic and hormone free vegetable grain based diet to supplement their foraging. 

Get to know my pasture pork

My Canadian pasture pork products from Durham Ontario  (NOT DURHAM REGION EAST OF TORONTO ) contain tremendous marbling and flavour and have hardy characteristics that are well suited for outdoor farming.

Pork from my animals: 

 My pasture pigs never receive antibiotics, animal by-products, artificial growth hormones or chemical
insecticides. My processed pork products are also free of:

Gluten / MSG / Sulfites / Artificial colours or any fills or GMO's or Soyabeans


Pasture Pork Ontario


Unlike other producers who operate CSA programs (community supported agriculture,) I do not ask for money three to six months ahead of time. Instead, I harvest the pigs when they are ready, package and freeze them in paper wrap - ready to ship most Monday or Tuesdays for the following day delivery. (weather depending) to Ontarions from Windsor to Cornwall and north to Ottawa and everwhere in between.

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