A guarantee to count on

"I am so confident that you will be more than satisfied with your purchase of my Grass fed beef."

grass fed beef premium steak


  I am so confident that you will be more than satisfied with your purchase of our Grass fed beef. I am providing a life time 100% satisfaction guarantee so you actually try the meat risk free the 1st time only. If your not completely satisfied with your purchase Keep it frozen and call me up and I will arranged to refund your money no question asked.

Trust me - “You will have a taste of happiness when you try my  Grass Fed Beef .


I ship most Monday's and Tuesday's of the week, (weather permitting) for Tuesday and Wednesday delivery in Ontario. All orders must be confirmed and paid for before shipping. If not it will be shipped the following week.. The courier will leave your meat box on your porch or where ever you request it (side door ) even if you are not home. You may want to have your meat box sent to your place of business. We gladly guarantee your delivery up to the point when it is placed on your doorstep and you give us the right address and telephone number, but if the courier delivers on time and the package is stolen, or you forget to put the meat directly in the freezer, or leave on vacation and it sits for a week or the neighbor’s dogs have a feast, I cannot be responsible. I will do my best to get your meat to you in top condition; I ask that once it hits your doorstep., You take over. If you feel your front door is not safe, email me and I will contact you to arrange a delivery date on which you are sure you will be home or give some special instructions of "put in the garage" or "leave at the back door" Please make sure someone will be available to receive the package 1 day after the shipping date.

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