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Doing What We Love...Our farm Is Different


Meet The Team

Farmer Jim (James Thoman) is the Founder and Entrepreneur of Farmer Jim's Grass Fed Beef and grassfedbeefontario.com

Farmer Jim pioneered a back to nature approach in farming in Ontario in 2001.  After decades of regenerative farming he has become a figurehead in the Grass Fed Movement.

Jim continues to mentor farmers and homesteaders throughout the region, providing hands on experience and sharing his knowledge and expertise with those that want to to take responsible farming practice back to thier land.



Barbara and Mike are onsite caretakers of the farm properties, livestock and poultry.  Stewards of the land and livestock.  Both are advocates for providing healthy foods, free from chemicals and pharma interventions. 







Farm Operations

Mike has a degree in aquaculture and has been farming and working with livestock since his youth.  As the farm manager, Mike works to improve the quality of the land.  He continues his education and follows the direction of the University of Manitoba to ensure optimal rotational grazing.

Mike is responsible for our herd management, health of the livestock and poultry, and the regeneration of our land.  He has a wealth of knowledge and is always happy to share it with those he meets.


Customer Experience Representative

Barbara is your connection to our products and is our Customer Experience Representative.  She has decades of experience in customer service and operational management.  She answers your questions through email, phone and text day and night.  She works to ensure our orders of quality products are fulfilled, shipped and recieved on time every week.  

Barbara is a student of the Wild Rose College of Herbalism and believes that the food you choose will either contribute to your wellness or your illness.  If you ask Barbara what her favorite part of being on the farm is she will tell you that she loves building relationships with our customers, giving farm tours, working with the livestock and being in the gardens.



Plan a Visit To Our Beef, Lamb, Chicken and Pork Farm And See Where Your Food Comes From.

Anyone is welcome to visit our farms anytime. No trade secrets. No locked doors. One of the things that makes us different is our farm, and the way we raise and care for our animals is humaine, ethical, sustainable, and environmentally responsible. You are welcome to take pictures and share your experience on social media.

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