Farmer Jim's Grass Fed Beef and Pasture Pork
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April 24th 2016..2AM

Want to know where your meat or fish come from? Come visit my farm anytime and learn more about the meat you are buying and how the animals are raised. No trade secrets, no locked doors, complete walk-around & full transparency. Bring your camera or use mine. Please let me know when your coming so I can be here to guide you around. The farm is located 1/2 way between Guelph and Owen Sound off highway 6. I will send you directions.

I ship every week on Mondays or Tuesdays for the following day delivery by courier (weather permitting) to Ontario Cities, Towns, and Hamlets.  including Toronto the Golden Horseshoe cities & towns, Barrie the Muskokas, Peterborough and east along the 401 to Kingston and on to Cornwall and anywhere in between and of course west all the way to London and Windsor and north to our Capital...... Ottawa ......and for Quebec border towns please contact me at or call me at 519 369 5400

You can order healthy meat any time you require it, no contracts or long term commitments required.

My next delivery is May 4th 2016 ...that is a Tuesday or a  Wednesday. I will notify you which date and of any changes by EMAIL...Please keep  both dates open for receiving your meat. .....



I grow, produce and sell Grass Fed Beef and Lamb, Pasture Pork and Free Range Chickens  in the Municipality of West Grey, Ontario County of Grey which is located half way between Kitchener & Owen Sound off Hwy 6....... to help people eat healthy food...


Grass Fed Beef and Lamb for your table.

Where your food comes from is more important than ever. In days long past, you could trust the food that came from your local farmer who could provide families like yours with wholesome, naturally grown, 100% grass fed beef and Lamb that was free of dangerous antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and worse. 

Since then, today's consumer has lower expectations, as large food organizations have turned family-run operations into large, mass produced factory farms that demand cheap, mass produced and convenient food products. Many consumers have forgotten the importance of eating healthy beef that is free from hormomes and antibiotics.

Cut from a rare breed of farmers who care, Farmer Jim believes that REAL Cows and Sheep eat grass as nature intended and is supplying discriminate consumers like you with the highest quality, 100% grass fed beef and Lamb.

If you haven’t tasted the difference for yourself, you’re missing out. 100% grass fed beef and Lamb is just that good!

What Every Beef Lover Should Know

For those of you who love beef, what better way to love and appreciate it more, than to understand some of the finer terms and in knowing what to look for.

Find out about what to look for in quality beef, cut selection and more.

Pasture Raised Pork

Taste our traditional farm-raised Ontario pork and enjoy the succulence and flavour meat with no antibiotics, meat-based proteins, growth hormones, synthetics or artificial additives.

You’ll receive naturally raised, prime quality government-inspected pork, ready for your freezer.

Find out more about pasture pork.

Farmer Jim playing "got you" with some of his pasture raised pigs which are free from any antibiotics

.Pasture Pork Ontario

Support Local Farmers - buy locally!

For information on the benefits of buying your food locally, and to see photos of our farm, visit why buy your grown food, beef and pork locally click here 

A Healthier Choice

If you’re a beef lover, you appreciate the taste of a good piece of PREMIUM beef. But if you’ve only experienced the choice or even Prime cuts that many steakhouses or supermarkets provide you may be surprised at how much you’re missing out on. 

more on premium beef >

Get to Know Our Pork

Our processed pork products are also free of Gluten, milk solids, MSG, sulfites, artificial colours or chemical preservatives.

Find out more about our pasture pork.

Very important cooking tips

for cooking your 100% grass fed beef.

Download our grass fed beef cooking tips.

Know the facts

A head-to-head comparison

Everyone should know about and understand the facts about what they're eating. Follow these links for information on:

100% Grass fed vs. Grain fed
100% Grass finished vs. Grass fed
100% Grass fed vs. Organic

Taste the difference for yourself

You’ll receive naturally raised, prime quality government-inspected meat, ready for your freezer.
We ship to your door
(Every week weather permitting)


  • Hi Jim, I got the package yesterday and I am very happy with everything. The ordering process was very easy and delivery was quick. I had some of the ground beef last night as well which was delicious.... [more]
    Maciek - March 31 2016
  • Good Evening Jim, I received the order. Just want to send my regards. The beef is delicious. I sous vide'd a rib steak tonight [more]
    Jeff - March 24 2016