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VEAL: Spring Young Beef 100% Grass Fed

All animals deserve the highest quality of existence during their lifetimes. I am raising grassfed Young Spring Beef for the entirely of their lives, roaming freely on the fields, next to their mothers where they consume only mothers milk, grass and the hay I grow.
Calves that have been allowed to live this way produce a delicious, lean, healthy rose color meat that you can feel good about eating.
The conventional veal industry uses crates to contain their calves to inhibit muscle development; making for what they believe is a milder meat. The calf is pulled from the mother after 3 days of birth and fed milk to the end.
It is important to note, that my calves, along with all my cattle, are free of antibiotics and hormones. They are never in a feedlot, never fed grains or artificial milk replacer formula. 
One of the major problems we face today is the overuse of antibiotics. When we routinely give antibiotics to animals, and then eat them, we are contributing to the rise of superbugs who are resistant to these life saving drugs. While antibiotics that are responsibly used have a very important part in medicine, they have no place being used as a daily vitamin for livestock. 
I find that by treating my  animals humanely, and allowing them plenty of clean, open pastures to roam, they simply don’t need antibiotics, as they rarely if at all get sick. I have never needed the services of a Veterinarian for an animal sickness on the farm in the 11 years I have being raising livestock.

Meat Cuts, Organs and Single Food Products

NEW You can now order your individual meat cuts and create your own box.  Minimum order of 25lbs to get your order with shipping and packaging included. 

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